Our story

BSOGOOD is a radical new methodology, TECHNOLOGY, and business model aimed at DISRUPTING the current model of OUTSOURCING.

We've been working with machine learning since 2020. Our first public product was our professional directory. With decades of experience in software development, we decided not to use expensive agencies and did everything ourselves. Along the way we drafted in some great developers, who are still with us today. We built our platform fast, and at a fraction of the agency quotes. It's still going strong, with 1000's of professionals and customers. Check it out here The Bsogood directory.

Since then.

As word of our success grew we began to receive requests for help. As we created more solutions, our processes got even better. Our network of professionals grew, and best of all, we were helping real people bring their visions to life!

As we continued down our path of building solutions for friendly faces, we began to look to the future, and focused on machine learning for public clients. Over time, we cemented our processes, and talent pool, and realigned them with providing value towards businesses through MLOps. It's this we bring to you now as Bsogood, a refreshing new take on implementing Machine Learning Operations.

Get to know machine learning, understand your data, and start making informed business decisions that lead to efficiency and cost savings.


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