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Our FLEX architecture facilitates complete flexibility and scale over machine learning pipelines to build, train, and deploy ML models. Whether you're a startup with a single server, or enterprise with highly available, edge node architecture requirements. Deploy across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid. Our distributed edge, centrally managed model keeps processing at the data source, limiting the amount of data that traverses the network.


Our solution provides

  • A simplified end-to-end machine learning lifecycle through experiment tracking, packaging code into reproducible runs, allowing the sharing and deployment of models.
  • Organisations to visualize and monitor metrics, logs, and other data through customizable dashboards.
  • Version-controlled configuration stored in Git repositories.
  • Reliability and scalability, empowering organisations to collect and analyze metrics from diverse sources in real-time, enhancing visibility into the health and performance of their systems.
  • The Automated deployment, scaling, and management of nodes, offering enhanced security, efficiency, and ease of use.
  • A versatile platform for high-performance and parallel computing workloads.

Why choose our product?

Inference at source

Inference at the source offers unparalleled efficiency and speed by allowing intelligent processing to occur at the data source, minimizing latency, preserving privacy, and ensuring real-time decision-making without relying on constant connectivity to centralized servers.


Less cloud.
Less bandwidth.
Less cost.

Cost reduction

Revolutionize your bottom line with our cutting-edge technology that slashes connectivity costs by minimizing data traffic between the edge and the cloud, ensuring a lean, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your business.


Centrally managed

Elevate your business efficiency and decision-making with centrally managed dashboards and notifications, seamlessly integrating edge machine learning results in real-time, providing you with a comprehensive and responsive solution for unparalleled insights and actionable intelligence.

Unparalleled security

Fortify your data fortress and safeguard privacy with our advanced edge machine learning solution, empowering you to keep sensitive information on-premise within your network. Elevate security and privacy standards, ensuring unparalleled protection while harnessing the transformative power of machine learning.


Get to know machine learning, understand your data, and start making informed business decisions that lead to efficiency and cost savings.


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