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Our Credo

  • People
    • How we put them first
  • Technology
    • How we care about the technology
  • Agencies
    • How we don't give a shit about how it has been done, or how it should be done
  • Digital punks
    • How the revolution hinges off the punk scene and their DIY approach
  • Need An App?
  • We Build Mobile Apps
  • We Are Not An Agency
  • We Are Bsogood


Bsogood is a UK based service that builds mobile apps for startups.


What We do

Mobile Apps For Startups

Since the inception of mobile apps there has been two options to create your own. 1) Build it yourself, or find someone who can (it's complex, and you have no guarantee). 2) The most popular option is to use an agency (they are expensive, and take a long time). Neither of these options work for startups.

Now there is Bsogood. A service designed specifically for startups, to build the right type of app for the current stage of your business. Whether that's your proof of concept [POC in 4 weeks], a minimum viable product [MVP in 8 weeks], or your final production app.

We offer the low cost, speed and agility of using a freelancer, combined with the guarantee and support of an agency.

How We Do It

We are not an agency.

No expensive offices. No double filtered espresso coffee machines. No powwow huddle spaces.

Just great people & technology.

We Do What You Need

Proof Of

Build what you need to test your idea.

The POC stage is important to validate the idea before committing resources and time. Usually targeted at a smaller base of friendly users, it should highlight challenges. Due to the light weight of the product it can be adjusted easily. This helps to reduce risk by testing on a smaller group before scaling up. Feedback loops from users, and collected data are especially important to gain insights to drive the direction of the product.

  • 4 week turnaround
  • Possible on limited budgets
  • Build light and quick
  • Fully functioning mobile app
  • Apple and Android
  • Gain insights
  • Attract potential investors

Viable Product

You've got customers, let's build what they want.

MVPs are designed to satisfy early customers. It should test market and customer interest. Through builiding limited features we considerably lower its cost. Validation and feedback are crucial from the POC stage, and MVP adjustments are intended to improve product and customer satisfaction.

  • 8 week turnaround
  • Lean and iterative development
  • Core features addressed
  • Quickly launch to a wider market
  • Validate your learning
  • Bring in revenue


Things are serious, time to build the ultimate app.

Your full product represents the final version that incorporates all the envisioned features, functionalities, and design elements. It is the result of multiple iterations, improvements, and refinements based on user feedback and market insights. Your full product will be focused and ready for widespread distribution and commercialization.

  • Your envisioned product
  • Mind blowing design
  • Expertly tuned
  • The perfect solution
  • Increased features
  • Multiple integrations
  • Widespread distribution


We're in this together, 24/7 support plans available.

Our service extends past building your product. We offer affordable 24/7 support on all of our products, and even those not built by us. Our commitment to exceptional customer service is unwavering, and we strive to surpass expectations by offering personalized assistance and prompt resolution of any issues.

  • 24/7 support
  • Real time monitoring
  • Fault anaylsis & resolution
  • Phone, email, Whatsapp

Our Process

Move fast Create stuff

We've condensed the usual 8 stage mobile app build marathon to one super efficient sprint. We abide by 4 core concepts, all happening at the same time to bring your vision to life.


No workshops. No meetings. Constant, meaningful conversations.


We work with you in real time to determine exactly what you want.


The gritty bit, where highly skilled professionals put it all together.


We test as we go, signing off each component when you are happy.

We are so confident in what we do that we guarantee to beat any UK based agencies quote for the same work by 50%.

We Are Designers
We Are Programmers
We Are Coders
We Are Developers
We Are Creative

— Bring us a quote from any UK based agency, and we guarantee to beat them by 50% —

Our story

We Create Awesome Stuff

In May 2020 we founded Bsogood, our mission "to change the landscape of booking and paying workers in the UK" - and we built something amazing, helping thousands of professionals everyday! Check it out here The Bsogood Directory

This however, is not the end of our story! Our road to creation was hard, we ran out of money (twice), and had many sleepless nights wondering whether our vision would ever come to life.

Like so many startups before us, we wanted to build something, so we went to agencies. All the agencies were so expensive! We were a bootstrapped start-up and didn't have a spare £100k for just the mobile app! Luckier than most in our situation, we had careers in IT, and thought we knew enough to put a team together and do it ourselves!

The reality of building your own solution is a scary one. There is a lot to learn, you must understand everything to be sure everyone is on the right track at all times. We made some mistakes along the way, but with every setback we learned how to improve. In the end we brought our vision to life at more than 70% cheaper than agencies had quoted us!

As word of our success grew we began to receive requests for help. As we created more solutions, our processes got even better. Our network of professionals grew, and best of all, we were helping real people bring their visions to life! It's this we bring to you now as Bsogood. A disruption that says F#*K YOU AGENCIES, the time of overcharging is dead! We are a digital service that throws the rule book out the window. We build amazing mobile apps with you, not for you! We are fast, affordable, and do things our own down to earth way. We are digital punks. We are Bsogood.

No more Rules

"The Secret of Change Is to Focus All of Your Energy, Not on Fighting the Old, But on Building the New" ~Not Socrates, The Internet

No more agencies

The agency model is dead! They are bloated, inefficient, wasteful, and cost way too much. We are the anti-agency, we are Bsogood.

Startup specialists

We've been there, lived through it, multiple times. Now we are here to help you bring your vision to life, from POC to MVP and full product.

Unique process

We've studied and rewritten the app build process. We've cut the crap, come and talk to us about how we can save you time and money.

Personal service

No more agency conveyor belt! You'll work with one person, who will be available to you 24/7. Via Whatsapp, email, Slack & phone.


Keep In Touch

Tel: +44 208 609 1940

483 Green Lanes, London
N13 4BS

[email protected]