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A refreshing take on complex technology.

Bsogood employs radical new methodologies, technologies, and business model aimed at disrupting the current model of outsourcing. We are a service built for you, we've shed the load of agencies and partners. This means better results, at lower cost.

"Be responsible"

No more outdated rules of engagement and communication. No longer do you deal with multiple people; architects, project managers, engineers, account managers, and support staff.

With us you deal with a single point of contact. The strength in our value comes from providing highly skilled, experienced individuals able to architect, implement, and manage everything you need. This means meaningful conversations, complete responsibility, and transparent co-creation of your solution.

Why outsource MLOps?

  • Clean data, test and train models through automated processes, then deploy to production through customised pipelines.
  • Increase your efficiency, adjust multiple models quickly by removing manual steps to reduce cycle time.
  • Standardise common practices, like experimentation and alerting, to abstract away complexity.
  • Remove the heavy costs associated with the requirement of a bulky in-house team of software developers and data scientists.
  • Feel confident in the knowledge that your machine learning requirements are being handled correctly, and that the real-time results you get are finely tuned and correct.

How we work

  • Pay as you go: This is akin to consultancy, pay for days, we cover whatever is required.
  • Project based: A fixed price for an agreed upon piece of work.
  • MLOpsaaS: Mitigate ownership, risk, and cost, entrust all your MLOps requirements to us through our as-a-service offering.
  • Training: Want to support your own solution in house? That's great, we have training packages to get you up to speed.

But why outsource, when you can spend valuable time and money, to miss opportunities in your data, increase operational risk, and get left behind by your competitors?

Get to know machine learning, understand your data, and start making informed business decisions that lead to efficiency and cost savings.


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