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  • Nail Extensions
  • Gel on Natural Nail
  • Maintenance Replacement Tip
  • Removal of Gel/Extensions
  • Nail Art
  • Manicures
About HannaYuunNail

Hi. I do gel and 3D art on natural nails.

I do Acrylic extension only, on tip or form.

(no dip sytem, no gel extension)

* If you want make an extension pls have in mind it takes at least 2h/3h . if you need remove some from your nails it takes more half hour.

** time can be longer if you want a nail art. 

*** I only do maintenance on my own customer.  If you new, you need re do the extension with me. Since every nail technician have your own materials I can't guarantee the quality of a maintenance on the top of a product I don't know.

**** If you never had an extension before and want to do. pls have a chat with me before any apointment.

***** Atention:  I don't do very short extension. minimum 0.5cm from natural nail plate. if you want shorter than it I can help grow your own nails using gel to make them stronger.

****** Every time you do acrylic extension I need cut your nail to remove the free edge. if you dont want pls only do gel painting on top and come to do maintenance every month to help grow your own nails.

******* If you thing you have any problems in your nails pls go after a dermatologist before do extensions or gel. I'm a nail technician and not a medic, I'm not qualify to give you diagnostics.

******** maintenance time can be diferent for each person. thats why maitenance prices can be diferent for each customer. some people neef come in 15 days some in 20 some in 25 days. pls respect the maintenance time. Extensions with more than 26 day old need be complete removed. and have a new extension done. you free to have your extension as long you want but i will refuse do a maintenance and only redo the extension if this time pass. 

*** gel polish don't have an specific maintenance time. you can come to do when you feel you need. some people have your nails growing faster then others. but if you doing it to help it grow stronger come at least once every 25 days.



0 Reviews