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Why is it important to have a good hair routine?!  

October 11, 2021
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Today’s blog is inspired by my visit to the hairdresser. Yes, I do go to a hairdresser too! 

My hair was in desperate need to be cut and that made me feel down and had no drive to dress up or style it. 

But when I walked out, even my tracksuit made me feel a million dollars. 

Hair is a definite asset to everyone’s image but most importantly to everyone’s self care and that cannot finish with the next hair wash that will take that feeling away. If you invest in your colour, haircut, styling even an in-salon hair treatment why not invest in a good home hair care that will prolong your investment and feeling for longer?   

This will not be achieved by reading labels on the supermarket or chemist aisles but by seeking advice from your stylist.  

Your investment on your hair doesn’t stop when you pay your hairstylist and if then you save by buying “cheaper” home care it might not be a saving at all as it might damage what you had done at the salon. 

If you cannot afford the prices of the salon products, ask your stylist what other alternatives they will recommend for your hair.    

This service is free! You pay their expertise included in your bill, take advantage of it!!