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Importance of hair treatments in-salon  

October 11, 2021
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When we go to a salon, what is our purpose? 

Are we looking to be pampered or just a quick fix because we desperately need it? 

Hairdressing is an industry of personal services and care. We aim to make every client to leave the salon feeling their best. 

More and more clients come in with their work and trying to catch up with the world but completely ignoring themselves! 

The services offered in the salon should always be followed by a treatment to seal the cuticles properly and to replenish the hair with vitamins, minerals and proteins lost during the service translating in a longer lasting result. 

A visit to the salon should be therapeutic for the client and, also, for the professional. All the steps of the service should be carried out as a therapy, aimed to be relaxing and memorable. 

We all want to walk out felling a million dollars but were we present during the process? Were we paying attention and realised that the stylist was about to apply that product that we don’t like and make us feel not so good? 

All I would like to say is: go to the salon and be present, enjoy the experience, be open to treatments that will prolong and improve your hair service, most importantly, spend time with yourself. 

It should be the “ME TIME”. 

Try to be there!