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How to create an attractive profile 

May 27, 2021
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How to create an attractive profile

Profile picture

Your profile picture is super important, if possible, use a professional, it is not recommend a selfie or Snapchat with dog ears. The more welcoming you are the better, try to smile ?

About you

Take some time to construct your "about" section, it should be your story, let customers know who you are, what sort of person they can expect to meet. Add relevant pieces of your background, any qualifications and previous work experience.

Always take care of your grammar and double-check before submitting.

Contact and social

Link to your personal website or social pages to show off more of the work you like to do and have done, add a phone number so customers can make direct contact.

Gallery pictures

Upload the best pictures of your work, and clean shots are always better. Why not organise a photoshoot day! You can find make-up artists, models, photographers and stylists who would be happy to be involved in the process – enhancing your lookbook while creating an amazing profile to bring in more customers.

Banner photos

Your banner photos are the first things potential customers see, choose something that makes you stand out and represent you well.

Get reviews

Ask your existing customers to leave you some lovely reviews on your page; the more reviews you have, the higher on the search rankings you will appear, and the more customers will find you.

Verify your identity

You can use our inbuilt verification service to show potential new customers you have securely provided proof of your government ID.

If you've followed this list closely, you will shoot straight to the top; higher up in search = more customers = a happier, wealthier you.

Good luck