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From Beard Trimming to Moisturising: How to Look After Your Facial Hair  

May 27, 2021
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Whether you like them long and bushy or short and tidy looking after your facial hair is an important part of any grooming routine. Having a beard can take a little while to get used to but with a few simple steps, your beard will look as good as it feels!

What steps should you follow?

Bare these five important steps in mind when looking after your facial hair:

Keep your facial hair clean 

Think about how many times you touch your beard throughout the day, plus, dirt, food and styling products need to be rinsed thoroughly. You clean the hair on your head so don't forget about the hair on your face! Beards need to stay hygienic as otherwise, it may affect the condition of your skin with irritation and itchiness. Use a beard shampoo to clarify the hair and keep it fresh.

Have a regular beard trim

As your hair grows in, although it will need to do its own thing that doesn't mean you should let it go wild! Keeping on top of beard trimming will help it grow in the right direction and look neat around the moustache line, neck and upper cheeks. It's easy to find a barber that offers beard trimming so get searching!

Minimise itching with beard oil

In the early stages of growth, itching is completely normal but that doesn't make it any more annoying! The solution is to keep the hair moisturised with products such as beard oil as this will soften the hair and reduce irritation on the skin - these steps along with beard trimming will stop your beard from causing itchiness.

Brush your beard dry

Before you get in the shower or wash your face, use a brush to detangle your facial heard and bring any dandruff to the surface - this will make it easier to rinse and prevent build-up. You can then follow up with a soft brush to gently stimulate the skin underneath your beard. The motion will stimulate blood flow so new hairs come through.

Style your beard using a balm 

To keep your beard in shape, beard balm will help to control the overall look of your beard, add shine and keep your facial hair moisturised. There are lots of high-quality products available but if you're not sure you can find a barber who can make some good recommendations that will upgrade your beard routine. The more you style your beard the easier it is to encourage your hair to grow in a particular direction (which means no irritation) and your beard will be easier to maintain.

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